Bamboo Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks by Yngvarion.
The smoothest and best. Once you have used Bamboo knitting needles or crochet hooks you will never want to use anything else. Bamboo needles absorb natural oils from your fingers and so get better the more they are used. From perfection to sheer bliss.
Also available for joining your knitted pieces are Bone Sewing Needles. Bone does not tend to damage the threads of your knitting as it passes through. In our experience a steel needle, no matter how rounded will try to force its way through the threads, often causing damage to the yarn. Bone needles glide between the fibres which then close up behind it.

Bone needles are also suitable for re-enactors of the Viking and Saxon periods and earlier and are used for a form of knitting called Naalbinding which is often used as an extremely fast method of making thick woollen socks, mittens and hats.