Searching for a Singer Sewing Machine

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Are you searching for a Singer Sewing Machine? Even non-sewers equate “Singer” with sewing machines.

The Singer Sewing Machine Company has a very long history. In fact, it celebrated its 160th Anniversary in 2011. From the very first Singer invented by Isaac Merritt Singer in 1850, to the highly sophisticated 7363 | CONFIDENCE, Singer has become a household name. There have been numerous models and versions during the past 160+ years.

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Singer Timeline

The very first Singer sewing machines were manufactured in New York. This was way back in the mid 1800’s. They sold for $100, which was actually quite a bit of money for the time. By 1853, Singer had done so well it became the leading sewing machine manufacturer and seller in the United States. By 1863, 20,000 home sewing machines were being sold each year! In fact, the company did so well, it opened a branch office in Hamburg, Germany.

In 1889 Singer launched the first practical electric sewing machine. A mere one year later the company claimed to hold 80% of the world’s sewing machine market. By 1900, the were producing 40 different models.

1921 marked a new era of ease for sewers. The “Portable Electric” was introduced. In 1933 the now infamous Singer “Featherweight” was unveiled at the Chicago’s World Fair.

Fast forward to the 1950s… the first zigzag was introduced in 1952. The Executive Office relocated to “30 Rock,” in New York City in 1961.

Ever the leader in innovation, Singer introduced the world’s first electronic sewing machine, the Athena 2000 in the year 1975 and the world’s first computer-controlled machine in 1978.

Singer relocates headquarters to Stamford, Connecticut in 1979. The company celebrated 140 years of business in 1991. This was the year the company went public with well over 16 million shares.

The QUANTUM XL-5000, introduced after 150 years of outstanding business, includes state of the art features. According to the Singer company, this model is the “most powerful and user-friendly system on the market!”